Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In tradition...

In the Filipino tradition they have 40 days of mourning, which involve prayer on the first night, then prayer every Sunday until the 40th day, of which there is a final prayer and then celebration. Here is some of the pics from the final night. Thanks to everyone who have messaged me privately with their condolences and words of support and love. Mum has since gone back to Philippines to be with her brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins for a bit of R&R - something that is definitely needed. This blog ends my series on the tribute to my father, I hope that I can carry his spirit and his legacy of love for art through my photography and through my music. Thanks for reading :)

Final prayer 

Reading out a prayer

Some of mum's friends practicing some traditional Filo dancing

A plethora of food - of course!

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  1. This is beautiful Mark, thanks for sharing.
    Danni x