Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I suck at, part 2. Street Photography continued

So it has come to note that some people may think I'm being a bit too harsh on myself, I probably agree with you - I am a bit harsh, but I think I have mislead you all with the premise of the argument.

On a philosophical level I don't feel like I have street photography down to where I can say, yeah, "I'm good at it" I feel like there is so much to learn, and going out on my walk tonight revealed to me how much I still have to learn, so in that regard, yes, for now, I still suck at street photography. As Zach Arias so eloquently put it "Everybody sucked at one point."

So the other side of this is the stuff that I know, doing things that are not necessarily ground breaking, but abstract and/or interesting. I find that so much easier to shoot because it doesn't involve directly pointing a camera at someone.

But I still stand by my statement, street photography is something I suck at, only because I feel like there are so many questions to be asked - it such a subjective area, as is art - what interests me may be absolute shit to you, so what then? What makes what I shoot right? Is my image still a worthy image if there is no real intent behind it? What if I take a shot that I look at and someone on here says "this is the most incredible work I've ever seen!" Yes, highly unlikely I know. How can I truly be honest about my work when I don't really know what I'm doing (in terms of street photography).

How do I know if asking these questions before you see the images is going to change your view and opinion on these images?

Sometimes all I want in the world is to take photos, but it's the questions that I have aforementioned that hinder my experience - it's quite frustrating but I guess any artist goes through that type of thing, I have the same blocks as a jazz musician.

Enough questions now pictures.

So I like throwing off the perspective with my abstract stuff. Twisting it diagonal, turning it upside-down, turning it sideways... Is it wrong? I dunno, but it works in my mind:

The above shot reminds me of labyrinth with the upside down staircases etc, I think it's cool…

 On the left I tried using the available lights from car headlights to light up people's legs as the crossed the footpath, I think it's cool, I need to find a better crossing to do it at though…

 I like this idea of the available light only emanating from car headlights - I like the flare and the freeze catpture of people in the middle of the streets, lights like stage lights blaring right behind them

This is one of my locals, Clipper Cafe in Glebe - good coffee good atmosphere, I know random, but it was all part of my walk!

Thanks for following me on my little journey into unchartered territory for me, maybe I'll do a series of this and show you around a bit more of Sydney (The Sydney that doesn't include anything touristy!)

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