Thursday, October 13, 2011

Magic Hour

Every day there is somewhere in the world where without fail there is a phenomenon photographers like to call "magic hour" or "golden hour" (I like to use the term magic hour because golden hour just sounds too much like golden shower...) This is basically where the sun gets ready to set and the afternoon light gives off a golden hue, which also happens in the morning at sunrise - it's a great time for photos but can be as cheesy as sepia if it isn't done well. 

This continues on my unashamed obsession with light - I love it!

Good spots in Sydney for magic hour:

- Spit Bridge, Mosman - yeah just ridiculously good. 

- Parramatta Road, Camperdown-you can position the sun in a way where all the traffic goes into silhouette - try a fast shutter for this one.

- Kent St side of the city - really interesting shadows cast on buildings

- The old bridge at Northbridge - I don't know how good that is yet, dying to do a fashion 
shoot there though!

- The airport?? I haven't tried yet but I reckon you'd get something cool there... 

Try mixing some flashes in for interesting results! 

Hunter Valley sunset

Zumo Project in Glebe

Sand dunes at Stockton Beach 

Beach Party in Vaucluse
Kent Street, Sydney

Darling Harbour
Airborne Cartel at Kirribilli

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