Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lens Dilemma

I am thinking of buying a new lens. Everyone says get a 24-70 2.8... I feel more inclined to go an 85mm 1.4, a little bit cheaper than a 24-70 2.8 or I can go relatively dirt cheap and go a 85mm 1.8... 

I currently have a 35mm 1.8 and 50mm 1.8 and love them both, but I'm finding myself being distractive and obtrusive rather than in the distance. If I was to shoot a wedding or a corporate I would think the 85mm would be far away enough to be out of the way and allow the event to flow... Plus an 85mm 1.4 would be great for gigs... I love shooting with primes, they're just good! 

What an incredibly nerdy boring blog, I need to shake it up with a photo. Here. A shot I took on my last shoot:

No Photoshop, no Lightroom, the file is straight off the camera. Taken on a 35mm 1.8. That is the very reason why I love prime lenses. 

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