Monday, February 14, 2011

plug a mate Mondays!

On Mondays I think I'm going to start a regular series of plugs for other photographers. Sharing photos should come from every level of photography - whether you are beginner, seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, everyone has a perspective and it would be incredibly stupid and arrogant of me to ignore other photographers and the work they have to share with us as well.

Angelo Sgambati -

I was playing at my residency last Saturday night at the Argyle when I happened to run into a particular individual, his name is Angelo Sgambati, and I used to play with him back in the day at Cargo Bar (word!). So I find out that he himself has become a photographer and everyone should really have a look at his work, a fantastic fusion of originality, beautiful lighting and proficient technical ability. Check out his compelling series on the Kokoda Trail - awesome!

"I'm articulate, sarcastic and charismatic. I'm animated, eccentric and artistic. I'm loud, inappropriate and juvenile. I'm original, real and unique. I'm a creator, a thinker and a daydreamer. I don't do things how they are meant to be done, I do things my way. I don't make sense, I have a purpose. This is my life, its not what it is, it's what i make of it. I'll never stop dreaming, I'll never stop loving and I'll never stop living..."

check it out! 

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