Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plug a Mate Mondays! no.2

Keren Dobia

Kez and I met through a great Melbourne drummer that was studying with me at the Sydney Con, she was a keen photographer and took a lot of shots of us muso's back in the day. Fast forward 4 years later and she has blossomed into an professional photographer, with incredible award-winning images. She has also been instrumental on a number of occasions for giving me rock-solid advice, which in turn has helped me develop my understanding and style of photography.

A notable body of work she has produced is a series of reworked fairytales, from Goldilocks to the The Little Mermaid. When I was in Melbourne last year I got a little tour of her exhibition in Malvern and saw these works first hand. The immense amount of detail put into these works is extraordinary, and I recommend you check it out!

See Keren's website here

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