Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I suck at Part III - telling a story - Chaos at the Carousel

One thing I suck at is trying to add depth to my photography. Trying to tell a story from 1 image seems to be a rather difficult for me - I love seeing interesting things but trying to make a story out of them is what I feel seems to be lacking.... anyway, so I found an interesting topic to cover last night.

Last night Gin and I were flying back to Sydney from Melbourne, amidst all of the Qantas debacle that was. Strikes from ground crew, wet weather unseen for Melbourne this time of month for almost 100 years. All of it was a mixture for disaster, Gin and I were lucky to even be on a flight as many were turned away being told to come back in the morning for a connecting flight. The result was chaos at the carousel - 4 Qantas flights landing late, along with 2 flights grounded with returning luggage and over 1,500 people searching for answers, I hope at least some of these images convey some kind of reflection on last night...

Just one half of the taxi rank queue  
My flight waiting for baggage (we find out later only 20 bags got on the plane)

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