Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who needs a DSLR? Part II

Only 4 days ago I discovered the wonderful world of Instagram, of course I am not the first - it has become such a cult following and I fought against the urge for so long, but now I'm hooked. It further solidifies the argument that you don't need an expensive camera to make good photos. It's a good way to "practice" things like composition without the need for lugging heavy cameras around, since instagram I am taking more photos and getting my photography practice in without having to make such a big deal of it. WIN I think...

Here are some links to great professional photographers who use their iPhones and instagram to produce some really cool work:

Chase Jarvis
Zack Arias (click on the "Instagram" link)
Sion Fullana

Here's some of mine from last weekend:

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