Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I suck at Part III - telling a story - Chaos at the Carousel

One thing I suck at is trying to add depth to my photography. Trying to tell a story from 1 image seems to be a rather difficult for me - I love seeing interesting things but trying to make a story out of them is what I feel seems to be lacking.... anyway, so I found an interesting topic to cover last night.

Last night Gin and I were flying back to Sydney from Melbourne, amidst all of the Qantas debacle that was. Strikes from ground crew, wet weather unseen for Melbourne this time of month for almost 100 years. All of it was a mixture for disaster, Gin and I were lucky to even be on a flight as many were turned away being told to come back in the morning for a connecting flight. The result was chaos at the carousel - 4 Qantas flights landing late, along with 2 flights grounded with returning luggage and over 1,500 people searching for answers, I hope at least some of these images convey some kind of reflection on last night...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nikon releases "NIKON 1" Intelligent camera system

So nikon have just announced their new range of cameras to go up against the interchangeable likes of the Sony NEX range, Panasonic GF's etc etc. As exciting as this is for NO ONE (except all the people that think this type of camera will make them better photographers because you can change the lens on a point and shoot) there is a silver lining…

- It comes with an EXPEED 3 processor
- It can shoot at 60fps (electronically) and 5fps motor-driven (yeah no biggie my d300s does 8fps) but the electronic fps is interesting…
- A new 73-point focus system
- HEAPS of different movie modes with full HD
- The claim to have the world's fastest auto focus (not sure about that one… I guess so if you say so!)

These are major advances for Nikon and things could be looking very good for the next range of Nikon pro dslr's which are going to be released in the next 6 months or so… fingers crossed!

I just wish Nikon would bring out an electronic rangefinder that competes with the Fuji X100 pictured below - THAT I would buy!


Recently I've been having sleepless nights, and I'm not sure what the problem is, but I'm thinking that maybe I should take advantage of this... Once again tonight was a sleepless night, and with a plethora of work to do I got out of bed and ended up where I am now, doing work at Maisey's cafe in Neutral Bay.

I had an idea last night that whenever I get into bouts of, well, for lack of a better word, insomnia, I should take advantage of this moment and go out on little night time adventures with my camera, see what I can find at 4am in the morning during the week. I am indeed a creature of the night at the moment, so why not document something out of it instead of loathing about the shit fact I can't sleep?

Have you had any weird notions or delusions of grandeur? I do, all the time, sad thing is 90% of the time they remain in my head, and never eventuate, like many of you I guess... sometimes I wish I had an off switch for my brain!

Peace. Out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who needs a DSLR? Part II

Only 4 days ago I discovered the wonderful world of Instagram, of course I am not the first - it has become such a cult following and I fought against the urge for so long, but now I'm hooked. It further solidifies the argument that you don't need an expensive camera to make good photos. It's a good way to "practice" things like composition without the need for lugging heavy cameras around, since instagram I am taking more photos and getting my photography practice in without having to make such a big deal of it. WIN I think...

Here are some links to great professional photographers who use their iPhones and instagram to produce some really cool work:

Chase Jarvis
Zack Arias (click on the "Instagram" link)
Sion Fullana

Here's some of mine from last weekend: